Friday, May 17, 2013

Elsewhere: Campaign Finance, Leaks, More

I don't think I've done one of these all week...I was waiting for some columns to go live, but I guess I'll go ahead now with at least one of them up.

So: at TAP today, I make the case for floors, not ceilings, and strong disclosure. I used to think it had the added virtue of being a good compromise between the Democratic and Republican positions, but that's before Republicans flipped on disclosure (they're now mostly against). Not that it was ever all that likely to ever happen anyway.

The best thing I wrote all week, I think, is one at PP on the topic of leaks -- saying that presidents should stop worrying about leaks and start listening to them.

I also looked at the effects of the scandals on 2014; discussed why Barack Obama's popularity still matters; dismissed the Benghazi talking points as important; and sketched out the path for immigration.


  1. After having managed my first citywide campaign I gotta tell ya, the floors not ceilings makes absolute sense. We didn't really raise a lot of money (in fact, we barely raised any compared to all of our opponents). I'm convinced, however, that we really didn't need a lot more money to do what we needed to do to run a strong campaign. As it was, we did pretty damn well. But after a certain point I'd have been wondering, "what the hell do I do with this? More TV" more mailers?" I don't know. I think we quickly reach a point of diminishing returns with campaign spending.

  2. Some leaks are meant to keep the President honest...

    Sept. 13: CNN reports that unnamed “State Department officials” say the incident in Benghazi was a “clearly planned military-type attack” unrelated to the anti-Muslim movie.

    ...but don't


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