Thursday, May 30, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Mark Sheppard, 49.

Which brings us to the good stuff:

1. Good Ta-Nehisi Coates item about Medicaid expansion, ethnicity, and what "color-blind" means.

2. Greg Sargent listens carefully to Paul Ryan.

3. Scott Lemieux on the DC Circuit nominations.

4. Abby Rapoport looks at the Shor/McCarty data on state legislature polarization.

5. Lamar Alexander is off-message and on-reality on climate. Interesting. Coral Davenport has the details. Lamar!

6. Is the ACA too complicated? Dean Baker has a very nice answer.

7. And Andrew Sprung listens to Marco Rubio and hears Linus. You know, Lucy's little brother.


  1. Seems there are a number of stories abruptly (10-15 years too late) on climate change coming out with the President and some interested across the aisle partners getting in front of the cameras this week. Maybe they all listened to the wonderful This American Life podcast from a few weeks ago. More seriously, I wonder if there is some trial ballooning coming our way. Lamar laid the groundwork, it'll be interesting to see if there's any actual substance to the president's pitch and whether or not he can get some support.

  2. Ta-Nehisi Coates needs to blame the right people: the architects of Obamacare. That he then turns a complaint about a crappy bill written by his side into "that be racist" is unsurprising. That's his whole schtick.

  3. Dean Baker's answer is "yes" but that the complications were needed to appease all of the gatekeepers. Why is this answer "very nice?"

    I like the NYT headline: The Only Real Problem Is Political. It sums up the prog view perfectly: every problem can be fixed if we can just write enough new legislation!


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