Monday, June 3, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Morena Baccarin, 34.

And a bit of good stuff:

1. Youth vote update: a column by Timothy Male of the Tacoma Park (MD) City Council and Rob Richie of FairVote on the 16 year old voting minimum. Via Hasen.

2. John Sides on Ted Cruz (rebutting in part my Salon column from the weekend). But see also the comment by Dave Hopkins (and for that matter see also the comment from Andrew Gelman). I may have more to say about it later; not sure right now.

3. An interview with David Mayhew.

4. And Ann Friedman on friendship. Well, friendship among women, but it works more generally, too, in my view.


  1. Steve Sailer discusses why exit polls badly exaggerated Hispanic turnout in 2012 using new data.

    19% seems surprisingly high.

  2. CBC member Bobby Rush refers to Kirk as elitist white boy.

    Bachman sniffers of the left (especially journolists) will be bored with the subject.

    1. I frequently disagree with you, but I'm happy to say here, when you're right, you're right. Bobby Rush is as bad as Michele Bachmann. I hereby call on Prof. Bernstein to repudiate every single complimentary thing he has ever said about Bobby Rush in these pages, or in other fora such as Wapo, Salon and TAP.

      In other news, I see that Rush's outburst has already resulted in a complete collapse of his presidential prospects so that's he no longer listed as a credible frontrunner in the 2016 Dem presidential primaries. Too bad, but that just clears the field for Maxine Waters, so we'll be okay. Unless Kucinich runs, in which case we may be in for quite a ride.

  3. Conor Friedersdorf has a great story on the press today: perhaps he can get a dialogue started on the subject


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