Saturday, June 8, 2013

What Mattered This Week?

I'm not sure how the NSA revelations mattered, but odds are they did. Alec McGillis has one argument on it all; sounds plausible to me.

For what doesn't matter...there's a bit of a spin war about how ACA will work out. The substance of that matters a lot; the spin, almost none.

So that's what I have. What am I missing? What do you think mattered this week?


  1. Pew released a report on race and outcomes in America. According to Pew, Asians are employing implicit racist mechanisms in order to (for example) accrue a median family wage $12,000 higher than that of white families.


  2. I found the Monkey Cage post on the NSA program to be helpful, basically it might be bad policy, but it's completely kosher legally speaking:

    Slow and steady jobs growth here and the ECB's decision not to change policy in the face of Europe's woe's certainly matter. Finally, the developments in the New Jersey special election matter, particularly the difficulty the GOP is having even finding a candidate.

  3. Average wages continue to decline.

    Seems like this will continue to be a big issue that impacts all policy-making and electoral politics, either overtly or subtly.

  4. The NSA story serves as proof that, when we give more power to the government, it will use it (and then some).

  5. You should all take a look at this, an analysis of how a small number of seemingly trivial pieces of i nformation can be used:

    (Found at Crroked Timber,

    1. Doc, that is an awesome link...thanks!


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