Friday, June 28, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Felicia Day, 34.

And quickly to the good stuff:

1. Dan Drezner wishes everyone would go on vacation.

2. Scott Lemieux has more on Shelby County.

3. Wow, Stuart Rothenberg goes medieval on a piece which was, to be fair, well deserving of it.

4. Ann Friedman on speaking as a woman.

5. And Patrick Egan on public opinion, Roe, Loving, and Windsor.


  1. I had that exact same thought when I read the opening sentence of that Roll Call piece.

    What’s the biggest difference between the victorious 2013 House special-election campaign of Mark Sanford and the losing 2013 Senate special-election campaign of Gabriel Gomez?

    ...One was in South Carolina and one was in Massachusetts?

  2. Wait. Felicia Day gets the happy birthday nod over John Cusak and Mel Brooks?! Nothing against Ms. Day, but c'mon, those other guys are titans!

    1. I did Cusack last year, so I couldn't do him again. But if "Class" is on tonight, I'll watch a few minutes in his honor.

      Beyond that, it's just sometimes who I'm in the mood for. And you have to admit that Felicia Day has made a lot fewer awful movies than Mel Brooks.

      My Cusack challenge from last year was that I think there are 10 of his movies I like more than Say Anything. I said that the easy ones were the two Rob Reiners (he's in Stand By Me), the two Woody Allens, the two Savage Steve Hollands, and Gross Point Blank. I failed to provoke an argument that time, though...


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