Friday, August 30, 2013

Elsewhere: Heritage/GOP, Syria, more

I put together my thoughts on Syria in a Plum Line post this afternoon. Sort of an extension of what I've already said around here, but a bit more.

Oh, and I liked this one from yesterday about Heritage and the GOP. But mostly because the Post's editors let me use, for the Republican realization that Heritage may have different goals and incentives than GOP politicians: "Sokath, his eyes uncovered!"

Oddly enough, they changed "weed" to "pot" in another post yesterday. Really, I think "Weed and the complexity of giving the president a hard time" would have been better, no? Shaka, when the walls fell.


The Fed Chair circus is (mostly) great.

Here comes some more Obamacare misinformation.

A quick shutdown/default overview


  1. Nice column from Kevin Drum on Syria. IMO, that situation is far more dicey than the reassuring message it will be 'small', for the reasons Drum notes. Especially considering the British response, to do something small now would represent utter humiliation.

    NPR was talking the other day about Eisenhower's quiet Presidency, and how the quietness of his eight years was in large part due to his resistance to getting entangled in further action in Korea, Indochina, Hungary, etc.

    There's something to be said for electing a Military Hall-of-Famer, with nothing left to prove in that area, as President. Too bad we'll probably never get the chance again.

  2. I have to agree that small scale missile strikes will accomplish nothing. We will be in effect hitting targets that were moved days ago, and empty facilities that may now be filled with innocent families as has been speculated, so that the U.S. would be complicit in murdering innocents.
    I believe the UN should have had the courage to make a statement that under NO circumstances will the use of chemical weapons be tolerated, and that as a result some nations will be destroying Syrian military facilities. Then Syria can get back to their civil war...whatever. This should have been a moral action by the entire world against an immoral one, not a political action by one nation.

  3. Darmok is such a great episode.


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