Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elsewhere: Immigration, Age Limits, More

I'm mostly over at Greg's place this week, so I guess I should drop one of these "elsewhere" posts by now, no? Let's see...

Yesterday, I responded to an excellent Ezra Klein post and asked (and partially answered) the question of what should incoming Senators read?

This afternoon at Plum Line, I said that the "calendar" as an obstacle to immigration reform is bunk.

And I'm beating the drum again for eliminating minimum age requirements for federal offices.


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  1. "the "calendar" as an obstacle to immigration reform is bunk."

    I agree. I also asserted in a previous thread that the dems could have passed it in 2009 or 2010 if they wanted to. Any argument they did not have the time back then is also bunk.

  2. Interesting that several comments to your Post piece on books senators should read named novels and plays. So maybe instead of reading "This Town" they should read "Our Town."

  3. You quote Ginsburg, on the possibility that her lingering on the court would reverse her cherished opinions:

    "I don’t see that my majority opinions are going to be undone,” she said. “I do hope that some of my dissents will one day be the law.”

    I stipulate that every judge that has ever made it all the way to the Supreme Court has (publicly) felt the same about their opinions. If they didn't, how in the world could they have made it that far?

    As a result, I propose that we in fact don't know anything about her intentions. It is after all only 2013. She is 75. She'll retire for health reasons.

    Lots of stuff can happen to 77-year-olds, you know.

    1. Just to clarify - that last sentence is not intended to imply something menacing, I meant something more along the lines of

      "this sciatica just keeps getting worse and worse...not sure if I can make it to the Court every day..."

  4. In fact, the Ginsburg quote is a pretty clear indication that well placed folks, probably in the Obama Administration and also maybe elsewhere, have had "the conversation" with Ginsburg. Also tells you she's sensitive to the implication that her majority opinions aren't carved in the same stone as the Ten Commandments, suggesting an ego without which she'd never have ascended the heights she did.

    Continuing with the stone motif, perhaps its not helpful for the punditsphere to keep hammering away at Ginsburg to leave to save her reputation. She will leave for health reasons, period. There is nothing wrong with her opinions.

    Nothing wrong with any of them. If she thought so, she wouldn't be here.


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