Thursday, August 22, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Valerie Harper, 74. Was in "Blame it on Rio." Also a Columbo. Seems totally weird to me that most young folks nowadays don't watch the classic sitcoms; one of the few things that definitely makes me feel like an old guy.

Also some good stuff:

1. I pretty much disagree with Scott Lemieux about the filibuster, but I do agree with him that it doesn't really matter what the Framers thought.

2. I still love the election reports series from the Monkey Cage. One of the most valuable things out there. This time, it's Natalia C. Del Cogliano and Mariana L. Prats on Argentina.

3. And Nixon just keeps on saying horrible things. Elspeth Reeve has more.


  1. "Rhoda" is on nightly on the MeTV network, which I sadly don't get at home but have been enjoying this week while I'm traveling. On the other hand, Julie Kavner steals that show.

    1. Yes, she does.

      And yeah -- I'm terribly bitter about not getting MeTV.

    2. "Julie Kavner steals that show..." but sadly, there wasn't all that much to steal (no reflection on her evident skill and talent).

  2. Link to the Argentina piece seems to be... missing? I see the different-colored-and-underlined text, but clicking on it does nothing, and hovering over does not pop up an actual URL.

  3. Higher Education (at least several institutions so far) is acting more anti-ACA than even Corporate America -- adjuncts and grad students are getting work-time capped in order to avoid, preemptively, health insurance obligations that aren't even going into effect until 2015:

  4. I find it hard to watch the classic sitcoms because of the way styles have changed. Then, you had setup-punchline-pause for laughter. Now, the sitcoms I like aren't filmed before a live audience at all. Something like Modern Family (in my mind, this is in the classic format, but I've never seen it, so I could be wrong) is highly regarded, but I want something more like Curb Your Enthusiasm or 30 Rock or Extras.


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