Friday, September 20, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Jim Cullum, Jr., 72.

On to the good stuff:

1. I missed this one a while back, but it's very good: Jack Shafer on real media bias and how it explains coverage of Syria and Iraq.

2. Robert Costa continues to do great reporting on Republicans, this time on Ted Cruz and his Republican critics.

3. Important from Andrew Sprung: why are Democrats getting distracted by the ACA/GOP infighting circus and failing to fight on spending levels in the CR?

4. Sarah Kliff has another batch of exchange TV ads.

5. And Brendan Nyhan reminds everyone about second terms. I'm not totally convinced, but it's a fair point to bring it up.


  1. The Jack Shafer link leads to Sarah Binder on QE3.

  2. I found the Sharknado ad strangely touching. I envision a couple of Koch brothers and a few others sitting in a wood-paneled boardroom, surrounded by highballs and smokes, discussing whether to have just Pelosi's face in the tornado or if they should include the bicycle too.

    That debate must have been vigorous; obviously the side believing our young healthies didn't need to be hit over the head *quite that hard* won that argument.

    Like an intergenerational act of faith and good will. Of sorts.


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