Thursday, September 26, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Cesar Rosas, 59.

Good stuff:

1. Hey, the Monkey Cage is over at the Post! Excellent. Here's Sarah Binder with a relatively optimistic view of the possibility of averting a debt limit crisis.

2. Jonathan Chait on Obamacare news and the conservative closed information feedback loop (which I think is Chait's phrase originally, but I'm the only one who still uses it as far as I know).

3. Wait -- the House might pass a short-term extension to give them more time to work out the CR! Robert Costa reports. Where have I heard that one before? As I've said: there may be a shutdown, although I still think it's unlikely, but what will not happen is a shutdown because they run out of time.

4. Kevin Drum on ACA subsidies as a tax.


  1. The downside of the Monkey Cage's move to the Washington Post is that the often political-science-dominated comment section will be flooded with the sort of partisan screeds you get on most public sites (excluding A Plain Blog about Politics, of course).

  2. I have been using the phrase "conservative closed information feedback loop" - and even try to cite you when I do!


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