Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

And Happy Hannukah, too, for those celebrating the holiday.

Meanwhile, I have one up over at TAP about electoral effects of the Syria deal.

And then I had one over at PP about blue slips.

I'll be over at Greg's place on Friday. Maybe something here before the weekend, maybe not.

Enjoy the holiday(s)!


  1. Syria? I think you misspelled Iran. But happy Thanksgivukkah, anyway.

    1. Ooh, I sure did, and it took a day for anyone to notice -- I guess my irregular posting has finally driven everyone away. Regular schedule next week! And actually, regular schedule this weekend...or at least that's the plan for now.

  2. Likewise. Best to you and yours, Jonathan.

  3. Not sure if there will be a Friday Baseball Post, but I noticed something yesterday that really brought home the importance of stats to baseball's equity:

    If Drew Brees throws for his recent average yards per game (300+) over the remaining five games, he will pass John Elway and move into fourth on the career passing yards list, behind only the holy triumvirate of Favre, Manning and Marino.

    In a sport where stats matter, that makes Brees a slam-dunk first ballot hall-of-famer. If passing yards ~ home runs, Brees will soon be on a par with the Say Hey Kid. I suspect most fans think Brees is pretty good, but for many he's still that short QB with the bum shoulder. No one, AFAICT, thinks of him as football's Willie Mays.

    Curious, eh? Oh, and, happy holidays everyone.


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