Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Frances Conroy, 60.

Ah, a little good stuff:

1. Sarah Binder on counting filibusters and "blocking."

2. Great post by Stan Collender on why no one paid attention to the new budget deficit numbers -- it's a great example of agenda setting, or in this case negative agenda setting. The one thing worth adding, from the White House point of view: a rapidly decreasing deficit is "objectively" lower; whether it's an improvement is more complicated, though. Best, as Collender says, to just duck the whole issue.

3. Ta-Nehisi Coates vs. Richard Cohen is hardly a fair fight: the best blogger out there against perhaps the worst columnist?

4. Seth Masket on the center.

5. And Mike Wagner wraps up the State of the Parties conference.


  1. You'd have to ask them. Why on earth you're asking it here I have no idea, unless you're just trying to troll, false equivalence, or threadjack.

  2. theBitterFig:

    Why on earth you're asking it here

    I want to know what people think.

    1. Well, for starters, no one knows who on earth you're actually talking about. This is called a "straw man." But let's give the benefit of the doubt, that there are some number of bigoted black women out there in the world. No one has ever suggested that it'd be impossible for black women to be bigoted, and it's a big world, lots of people, entirely plausible. And? What's your point?

      One thing, though. Black women have never had the political, economic, and social power to make such relationships criminal. To redline neighborhoods and drive people into contract homes. To cause countless young men to be presumed criminal. Oh, but I guess none of that matters, because a few hypothetical black women are bigots, amrite?

      Anyhow, what do folks think about a cappuccino meringue pie, whereby you make an 'espresso curd' with butter, yolks, just a little bit of sugar (instead of lemon curd), with the meringue from the whites? Folks think that'd be a good pie?

  3. David Tomlin,

    Your point about black racism is silly. "Black humans" barely even form inTRA-racial families. That's why most black children are raised by a single mother. It's the progressive plan for the world. The Coates / other prog response to Cohen's confused article is all smoke-and-mirrors.


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