Thursday, December 19, 2013


I know there hasn't been much here lately, but I've been busy as usual over at PP, plus a bit at Greg's place.

I'm really skeptical about the "Obamacare rollout hurt Obama's approval ratings" story. It just doesn't match the numbers, as far as I can tell. Part of which is that it's a bit difficult to know what to make of the shutdown. Since I'm inclined to think the shutdown hurt Obama's approval, I see less movement from the ACA fiasco than those who believe the shutdown helped him.

Here's some others from the last week or so:

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  1. The recent poll isn't a surprise. 47% of the voters won't like anything Democrats offer. The Right are led to believe the country hasn't improved yet the markets are at an all time high. Its because we still have to address wages and taxes which the same 47% are against. Its a no win situation when the GOP create a situation then disagrees with changing anything to fix the it. All because of the bond market.

    And everyone knows the ACA is going to save consumers money otherwise Kudlow wouldn't rant five hours a week, bashing it without data or facts. I don't understand how a credible financial news network would allow such propaganda.

    BTW Obamacare is a derogatory name to prevent bigots from taking advantage of the bill. I'd appreciate it if you spread that around.

  2. Bloomberg View! Congrats!!


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