Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Damon Berryhill, 50. I mentioned Jamie Moyer recently. Moyer is a big deal for my larger cohort; Berryhill was a big deal, for roughly the same reasons, for me personally. Hey, you could do worse. I mean, if you have to pick a player who you want to have a long, long, long, career, you could do worse than a professional backup catcher who switch-hits. Alas, despite a very respectable 1997 season, he didn't get another shot.

Good stuff:

1. Annie Lowry on ACA costs continuing to be less than anticipated, both for consumers and for the government.

2. Dan Drezner on "The Hard Limits of Economic Power."

3. More on parties and politicians in Colorado politics, from (natch) Seth Masket. Two questions about this story. One: what rewards, if any, did Colorado's Democratic governor (or even Barack Obama) have to offer? And: what kind of campaign and governing staffs do Colorado state legislators have -- and where were their loyalties and career interests in this story?

4. And: "I get questions from virtually all over the country regarding GPO style..." Great short profile of GPO's Mike Abramson, by Roll Call's Hannah Hess.


  1. I hate to inflict David Brooks on anyone here and so won't link to it, but today's column began, "In an act of amazing public service, I have not written a column in three months." My first reaction was, "I totally didn't notice, but good for you David! David Brooks not writing columns is just what the doctor ordered." And then got sad when I thought, "Oh why did he have to come back."

    Then in the last paragraph Brooks concludes, "I figure that unless you are in the business of politics, covering it or columnizing about it, politics should take up maybe a tenth corner of a good citizen’s mind." Thanks for clearing that up David! For the record my politics takes up only 9.78% of my mind so I'm in the clear.

    Sorry if I violated the comments policy by bringing this up.

    1. I wonder if Brooks intentionally shuts down 90% of his mind when opinionating.

  2. I remember Damon Berryhill when he was with Atlanta. He got a lot of playing time because he was Greg Maddux's personal catcher. Atlanta may very well have traded for him in anticipation for trying to lure Maddux to the Braves when he became a free agent.

  3. Wait a minute... you were born on the same day as Damon Berryhill? Somehow I never made that connection.

    Happy Birthday,


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