Friday, December 13, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Tom Verlaine, 64.

Good stuff:

1. More good points on ACA implementation from Ross Douthat.

2. Josh Huder on the long-term fallout in the Senate. Fair enough -- but I'd emphasize that what happens in 2015 depends on the 2014 election results.

3. And Jared Bernstein on the Volcker rule -- but really about policymaking and personnel.


  1. @JB in a post fallout Senate couldn't the majority party just change the rules with regards to debate time with a simple majority vote?

  2. Ultimately, yes. But Sarah Binder and others, who know this stuff at a level of detail that I don't, would (I believe) argue it's more tricky than it might seem. Reid used a ruling of the chair; it's not clear (I think?) that the same thing could necessarily work for post-cloture time.

    Getting away from rules details...I think the bottom line winds up being that if the minority party really insisted on all possible ways of obstructing, the majority party would eventually act. If not, they likely wouldn't.


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