Thursday, May 3, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Christina Hendricks, 37. Our Mrs. Reynolds, indeed.

On to the good stuff:

1. Electionate has a nice "ignore the electoral college" post. Well, he or she doesn't say that, but it's the implication. Exactly right: there may be an electoral college bias, but it's too early to know.

2. Brad DeLong (and others) about the Bush deficits.

3. Did torture lead to bin Laden? Adam Serwer lays out the cases for and against.

4. And the story behind rising Social Security Disability costs, by Kathy Ruffing.


  1. I want to know which politicians will be the first to use the "Obama spikes the football" dogwhistle which is bubbling up from the GOP id.

  2. Regarding 2.

    The two liberal stories that I hear are:

    1. The markets think that our bonds are the best, so Obama deficits don't matter.


    2. We have no fear of bond vigilantes because there's no chance of inflation so we can just print more money because our debts are in dollars of which we have an infinite supply.

    So what does Professor Krugman mean when he says "The ratio of debt to GDP would be 20 or 25 percentage points lower, and we'd be feeling a lot more relaxed about current deficits."

    How much more relaxed than Professor Bernstein can one be?


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