Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Baseball Post

Time for some quick Giants posting.  Brian Sabean has been busy, and let's see how he's done...I'll list the regulars as it looks right now, with their 2009 OPS+

1B Huff          81
2B Sanchez    96
SS Renteria    66
3B Sandoval 142
LF DeRosa    99
CF Rowand   90
RF S'holtz      81
C  Molina      86

I'm detecting a pattern here, for all the people who aren't Sandoval.  It really isn't necessary to comment further...just look at the team that Sabean has assembled, and think about it for a while. 


  1. I know it's popular to bash Sabean, but this is of course only half the story. The Giants might have the best starting rotation in the league, a rotation that propelled them to the fifth-best record in the NL in 2009.

    I've rooted for plenty of bad teams in my life, and I can't bring myself to sneer at a guy who builds a 88-74 club.

  2. Fair enough...he certainly deserves credit for developing pitchers, no question about it. It's just that he also makes a very high number of seemingly inexcusable mistakes. I mean, how hard it is to find a first baseman who can hit league average? Or, to put it another way, how hard is it to not come close to a 100 OPS+ for your first basemen not one, not two, but six years in a row?


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