Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I agree with Matt Yglesias: Mark Halperin's list of things Obama is doing "worse than you think" is lame enough that anyone reading it would get the conclusion that Obama is actually doing quite well.  (And what kind of "report card" is centered on listing things that one is doing better and worse than everyone thinks, anyway?  Gosh, Mrs. Citizen, everyone thinks that Nancy is great at math but really she's only getting an 85 in that subject -- but look!  We all thought she was flunking reading, but she's getting an 80!  That one goes on the "good" list, right?).

At any rate, Matt's comments are on Halperin's "doesn't give me good parties to go to" portion of the list.  I'll tackle #5, "Creating Stars."  This is, oddly enough, not a timely reference to the Arthur C. Clark clunker 2010 or the awful movie made from it, but a complaint that:
There are lots of talented, experienced people across the board in the Executive Branch, but almost no one has emerged as a figure of national standing to help the President convey his agenda to the public.

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