Friday, January 15, 2010

Dogs, Not Barking

Occasional feature in which I take note of some items that have not been in the news, which is itself newsworthy.

1.  Bill O'Reilly.  He's still selling plenty of books and bringing in great ratings (or so I understand), but he sure hasn't been in the forefront of things lately.  Not much of a War on Christmas this year, and I haven't been aware of any other high-profile campaigns from him lately.  Certainly not on a par with Beck and Rush.  Is there a story there?  I don't know; I just think it's worth noting.

2.  Others have noted this, but it's still a good fit for this item: Democrats in the House are not retiring.  Could be that they're not afraid of a big GOP wave, could be that the White House is just really good at that part of recruitment...we don't know.  As I said about the Senate in comments the other day (and check out what Matt Jarvis said, too), it's very possible that this will be a good year for the Republicans in the House, but they haven't succeeded so far in locking in much of anything; if the economy turns and Obama bounces back, there isn't anything to stop House Dems from recovering.

3. A happy dogs, not barking: Bill Clinton's apparent continued health, over five years now after his major heart surgery, and still able to campaign in MA while doing the Haiti rescue stuff.  

4.  And as always, I end with the still-missing plot by the Democrats to bring back the Fairness Doctrine.  It's certainly going to happen any minute now.  Really.

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