Saturday, January 30, 2010


Neil Sinhababu wrote a comment here, after I argued that the House is wrong to wait for the Senate and that therefore supporters of health care reform should target the House, not the Senate:
I agree. But is there any meaningful way to apply pressure to the White House as well?
Good question!  I agree that White House support would be helpful, and so health care supporters would be wise to place pressure there (House, then White House, then Senate -- how's that for a priority list).

As far as how...well, those who support health care reform and have the attention of the public should keep plugging away, and not let any possible White House preference for the bill to fade away to take hold.  For everyone else, I'm not an expert at how two-way the Obama grass roots organization might be, but I'd suggest that this is a good time to find out.   Presumably, part of the point of having such an organization would be for the White House to know what Obama's supporters want...hey, Obama supporters!  Let him know!

(Update: Link to Donkeylicious fixed.  Well worth reading, by the way).

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