Thursday, March 25, 2010

Impeachment Update

Things are looking up for "hotspur," who entered this prediction:
As a Californian, I like Darrell Issa's history of overturning perfectly valid elections. I'll take Issa on a goofy May 29, 2011 (JFK's birthday). By then, the American people will have had more than enough, etc., and President Obama you're no Jack Kennedy, etc. etc.
Could be!  On the other hand, calling for a special prosecutor could be a sign that Issa is too action-oriented to just file an empty impeachment resolution.  I'm running out of time for my own prediction (Bachmann, April 15, 2010)...but as I count it we only have fourteen Members of the House or candidates claimed, and that's counting the LaRouchie candidate who would almost certainly file the resolution but has no chance of being elected -- os it's not too late to make your pick (in comments here).


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