Friday, March 12, 2010

Watch Matt Yglesias's Head Explode

NYT (Emphasis added):
Moving quickly to put its mark on the Federal Reserve, the White House on Friday identified two economists and a lawyer as its choices to fill all three vacancies on the central bank’s board of governors, a senior administration official said.
But it gets better!
The Obama administration stopped short of saying that it would formally nominate all three to the Senate, stating only that Ms. Yellen was “a leading contender” and that Mr. Diamond and Ms. Raskin were “under consideration,” the administration official said.

The cautious language seemed in part a way to gauge reaction in Congress at a time when the central bank has faced intense criticism. 
Moving quickly indeed.  After thirteen months (for the other two picks), they're...stopping short of nominating people.

Oh well.  I suppose it's progress.  Perhaps.  In a while.

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