Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More on Change in the Senate

I agree with Chris Bowers: the more that Republicans engage in pointless but annoying obstruction (in this case, refusing to allow committees to meet), the more likely it is that Democrats will move in either January 2011 or 2013 to reform the rules of the Senate, assuming they are in the majority.

What I'm not sure is which will be the biggest factor: pressure among Democrats: pressure from party activists demanding filibuster reform, or just getting frustrated and annoyed with Republican grandstanding. 

I don't really think that eliminating the filibuster is the most likely outcome (more likely is a threat to eliminate it by majority rule, followed by a compromise to adopt somewhat more majoritarian procedures), but overall I agree that Republicans are really risking quite a lot with these tactics, assuming that they don't want party majority rule in the next Senate.


  1. Note the shocking, shocking! willingness of Democrats to flout the will of the people (as measured in HCR popularity polls).

    Compare to the completely justified Republican flouting of the will of the people (as measured by the Senate Democratic majority) via the filibuster.

    Apparently polls are a robust indicator where votes are not.

    Intelligent commenters make these arguments with a straight face (check out Megan McArdle's rage over HCR).

    I just do not get it. A party this un- self-aware deserves what they get next session.

  2. Megan McArdle counts as intelligent?

  3. Sorry, what was I thinking?


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