Monday, March 8, 2010


In which every single person who follows the news in American politics screams: Not another Rahm profile!

Please, please, someone read it quickly and tell the rest of us we don't have to.


  1. I think people just like the melodrama. Politics is easier to sell if you dramatize every issue like a soap opera episode.

    Concepts like 'reconciliation' or 'the Stupak amendment' are too boring. Bring on the hysterics.

    THAT is why the GOP is better at messaging these days. The media thrives on vague hyperbole and melodrama, not substantive discussion.

  2. Actually, that's probably the one to read if you want to read about him. It doesn't really take sides, presents all the for's and against's, and highlights the tension between the political environment and the administration goals. Not bad.

  3. It's worth reading just for this...

    “There are strong feelings about Rahm Emanuel among members of the Hispanic caucus,” Representative Nydia Velázquez of New York, the head of the caucus, told me. “People feel Rahm Emanuel has not been helpful in moving forward. He’s always about the numbers. He’s always about being the pragmatist. He’s always about winning.”

    I mean could anyone sum up the failure of congressional democrats more than this quote. If you are not about winning (ie passing bills), what are you there for?

  4. Anon 12:37 and CTH...

    OK, I'll read it. And as Ezra tweeted, this probably had a very long lead time and isn't necessarily related to the others. And I do like more data, of course. Just...well, you know.

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