Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catch of the Day

ARTHUR: No, it is far from--

KNIGHTS: Aaaaugh!

HEAD KNIGHT: Aaaaugh! Stop saying the word!

ARTHUR: Oh, stop it!

KNIGHTS: Aaaaugh!

HEAD KNIGHT: Oh! He said it again!

ARTHUR: Patsy!

HEAD KNIGHT: Wait! I said it! I said it! Ooh! I said it again!

Greg Sargent looks at the Trump circus, and notes that Trump can't even be trusted about what Trump said a couple days ago. He also makes the excellent point that fact-checking Trump is hopeless, because what Trump appears to want is publicity of any kind -- and, to the extent that he wants support from Tea Partiers, then it's especially useful to get mainstream disapproval. Which, alas, he's getting in Greg's item. And mine! Aaaaugh!

(Note: Full disclosure; I've been contributing a post a day over at Greg's place. But this CotD is well-deserved!).

Okay, time for me to go cut down the mightiest tree in the forest...with...a herring.


  1. It's not a conundrum at all... There's only one correct response to Trump, and Tracy Morgan did it beautifully on the Daily Show last night.

    If you haven't seen it:

    1:10 minutes in.

  2. Well, that's good, but I liked the PCP/gardening stuff better, even though I was utterly unable to get #TrumpPCP going.

  3. A friend, a PR professional who works with high level financial clients and knows just how thoroughly the financial information businesses chose to publicly and voluntarily release is spun to their advantage, called me after catching an interview with Trump to say that a few of his statements made her suspect the real point of his presidential run is to get his financial information released (as all candidates must do) in a context that the financial community may see as well-vetted and ojective rather than just self-serving -- and therefore lay to rest questions about his finances and the viability of his business ventures that continue to plague him because of his past bankruptcies.

    Of course, even if the balance sheet turns out to be impressive, the birther idiocy he's indulging in, could, or at least should, undercut confidence in the man himself. (But, then again, sometimes in business certain kinds of crazy are seen as an asset.)

    This scenerio may be too cynical, and seem too implausible, to people who haven't, like my me and my friend, spent years working in advertising and PR. But, I think it makes more sense than believing Trump actually WANTS to be president.

  4. I'm never gonna read one of your posts on the plum line, I guess. They've been pushed off the front page, and there is no second page -- just a "full archives -> April -> click on the headline of each post you want to read" chain of links. Funk dat.


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