Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Question for Conservatives

How do you feel about having John McCain as your main voice on foreign policy and national security? This is primarily addressed to mainstream conservatives (in other words, people who were more or less okay with the main thrust of George W. Bush's foreign policy, regardless of the particulars. Feel free to say Ron Paul or someone else outside of the GOP mainstream on these issues if you want, but I'm more interested for this one in what mainstream conservatives think). Most liberals believe that McCain is not only wild and impulsive, but not particularly well-informed on these issues. Do you agree?

If not McCain, who would you rather have speak for Republicans on these issues?


  1. cricket... cricket...

  2. Huckabee maybe? (Honestly my first choice is Ron Paul but he is out of the mainstream to a greater extent).

    Condi Rice if she was willing.


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