Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Baseball Post

So, we're only at game two, and I've listened to I think five different radio teams plus some of three different ESPN TV teams...that included listening to the ESPN radio guys last night for most of the Giants/Dodgers game. And now, finally, I'm back home, with the Giants radio team, and wow, as always, are they good.

Best bit: Chris Singleton (ESPN radio), after Buster Posey got a hit on his third PA yesterday, started going on about how it's a good thing that he got that hit so that the talk about sophomore slump could go away. Yup.

At any rate, I probably won't listen to as many games (that is, have the radio/TV on for so many games) after the first couple days, but as always I'll mention that the MLB audio deal has got to be the greatest buy ever. I think it's $20 now? For every single game broadcast by every team all year. Terrific.

And, now, off to think about whether at some point I want to do some prep for my roto auction this Sunday. Which means: warning, there might be a roto post next Friday. You never know.

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  1. I watched some of the opening day Giants/Dodgers game. Hell of a pitching matchup with Lincecum and Kershaw. I always enjoy watching Lincecum pitch. His changeup, if that's what it is, is incredible.

    Jason Heyward should avoid the sophomore slump thing for a while after his opening day HR. Though Fredi Gonzalez has him batting 6th in the lineup. Heyward's OBP was .400 last year. So I'm not sure why you wouldn't have a .400 OBP guy batting higher up in your lineup. Its not like Alex Gonzalez is going to give him much protection and drive him in batting behind him.


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