Monday, April 18, 2011

Housekeeping/Many Holidays Edition

Just a quick word to let everyone know that posting this week will be probably be inconsistent, as Passover begins tonight, and then the Western Political Science Association meetings later in the week. My co-author Casey Dominguez and I have a paper for the Western about presidential campaigns and fundraising networks...I'll probably post more on that at some point this week. If anyone is going to be in town for the conference, let me know! Although my ability to go out for a drink is severely limited, what with Scotch being chametz and all. But I can hang out some.

At any rate, I'll throw you some links to recent stuff I wrote elsewhere that I don't think I've linked to yet here. My TNR column over the weekend was about how the notion that Iowa Republicans regularly vote for nutty candidates is seriously exaggerated. Last week over at Greg's place, I was impressed with Speaker Boehner after the FY 2011 vote, said that Palin wasn't quite dead yet, and advised Obama to pound Ryan on phony numbers (advice the president didn't take).

If you're celebrating tonight, gut yontif. While I'm at, in case I forget, a Happy Easter in advance to those observing that holiday. Here in San Antonio, we're just finishing up Fiesta, our own holiday, and I guess it's Patriot's Day today -- so for those celebrating all of that, enjoy!  And now to get to work: my kitchen won't clean itself...


  1. Post a link to a copy of the paper when you can?

  2. Does the PB have any restaurant or other recommendations for those of us coming to his neck of the woods?

  3. Bachmann, Iowa, TNR: in dismissing Pat Robertson 88, you say frontrunner (Bush 41) was no social conservative. His so-con cred was > Romney. Buchanan 96. The fact that other states are nuts doesn't mean Iowa is less so. He had run before but didn't hold office like Michele does. Lower chamber, etc, doesn't adequately measure the way certain Housers can elevate themselves as partisan warriors. Kemp and Gephardt didn't motivate voters as Bachmann does. You are assuming voters who give large tallies to Buchanan, Robertson, Keyes apply the standards of not taking Housers seriously? Mike Pence or Paul Ryan would be favorites in Iowa were they running. And on dismissal of Keyes/Bauer 2000, as you say, W was adequately so-con. There is no dominant frontrunner in 2012 unless Huckabee runs. Romney is closest and so-cons wary of him as you've pointed out. Pawlenty doesn't work as analog for Bush 2000, and even then, so-con nuts ran very strong.

  4. Seth,

    There are many traditions, but generally, sorry. BTW, see also:

  5. I'll be in San Antonio, and hope to make it to your panel. I'll be presenting my work on neighborhood context and vote choice in mayoral elections on Friday at 10am. Panel 24.03. Let's see if we can get more than 2 attendees ;-)


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