Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday Baseball Post

Just Giants this time...

OK, this has to be the goofiest year I can remember. Winning (again) in the bottom of the 9th tonight, the Giants are now 36-28, two games up on the Diamondbacks, 4.5 up on the Rockies. Pretty good! On the other hand, they've also now scored 224 runs and allowed 221, which doesn't exactly support a 36-28 record. And yet...well, I'm very worried that sooner or later the Rox will win 12 of 13 or something like that, but I'm not very worried about Arizona at all. Basically, I'm oddly confident.

Oh, and the injuries. Posey out for the year. Which MIs have been hurt? All of them, right? The Giants have been a fairly healthy team in recent years, but not this one. 

It's just odd. Usually, I'd be citing Pythagoras and talking about how this is really a .500 team that, any day now, will start winning only half their games.  And that could be the case. But it sure doesn't feel like that. Instead, I'm seeing all sorts of positives: Bumgarner has established himself as a plus rotation starter; Sanchez is pitching well; Crawford might be a real major leaguer...and, although it's not going to help if Freddie Sanchez is out for a while, it's not at all hard to see how this team could hit quite a bit better for the rest of the season. 

They really do need to find themselves a catcher, though. I don't mind Sabean using happy talk about Whiteside, but he really has to get an actual major league catcher, and needs to do it within the next few weeks. 

And the Vogelsong story is just unreal. 

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  1. As a Pirates fan, I would like to express the heartfelt desire that Ryan Vogelsong trip and break his arm during batting practice for waiting until he'd left town to become a pitcher.

    All the best!


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