Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Baseball Post

Giants this week...I think I've actually already written this post once, a few weeks ago, but: what a goofy season. With tonight's win, the Giants are now 42-34...and have been outscored 261 to 268. That shouldn't work out. Helps to be 20-11 withing the division, too.

It's hard to call it a lucky season, though, with all the injuries. Or maybe it is a lucky season: Vogelsong??? I don't know. Normally, I'd be shouting about an outscored team has little chance of keeping to the same pace, but right now...I just don't know. It's easy to see a possibility for improvement at several positions, no? Not guaranteed, but very possible. Perhaps the bullpen goes south, but I'm not sure there's a reason to believe that overall they'll start giving up more runs. If they figured to get the team healthy by mid-July, I'd say that things looked very good; as it is, a lot seems to depend on just how bad 2B and C will be.

Just to be clear: I certainly don't expect them to outplay their Pythag from this point on. But given that those games are in the books, well, I'm still awful afraid of the Rox, and it's not that I'm exactly confident, but I'm also not exactly expecting the sky to fall. Which, again, just seems really weird.

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  1. Lowest scoring team in baseball, but that's probably partly due to park effects. Still, if the rotation stays healthy, I wouldn't want to bet against them. Their hitting BABIP is a touch low, so they shouldn't be AS pitiful going forward. Is there a less productive outfield in the majors right now? Eesh


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