Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newt Implosion

Item: Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign staff walks out en masse.

Greg Sargent:
Wait -- were we operating from the premise that Newt was still running for president?
Ned Resnikoff:
Gingrich for President 2012 is like the Book of Job, if Job had really, really deserved all of that stuff.
Dave Weigel:
Gingrich's aides are only leaving him because they love America so much
Luke Johnson:
To understand why Newt Gingrich's staff quit "en masse," you have to understand Kenyan anti-colonial behavior.
Brian Beutler:
At least Newt wasn't being treated for cancer when this happened. 
And sometimes you need more than 140 characters to sum up. Steve Benen:
Gingrich boasted that presidential campaigns as extraordinary as his are only seen “once or twice in a century,” and the brilliance of his campaign strategy would only be apparent in time.
At the time, we had no idea how true this was.
Of course, regular readers know the position of this blog: Like our good friend Tom P. Baxter, Newt is a total fraud, always was, always will be.

My guess? He'll be re-admitted to the club and resume being a Respected Conservative Sage within, oh, two weeks of whenever he admits that his presidential campaign is over (hasn't happened yet as I type this). We'll once again have to hear about what a brilliant thinker and source of ideas he is, with only the caveat that he's just too undisciplined gosh darn it to remind us that it's all totally phony. Ah well; the only people he's harming at this stage of his career are the ones who take him seriously, and as I've said before they pretty much deserve it.


  1. It's not that he's undisciplined. It's that he's too frank and forward thinking.

  2. It is, of course, very noteworthy that this is happening at around the same time that rumors about Rick Perry are bubbling to the surface again. 'Course, that could be flipping cause and effect.

  3. I wonder how long it will take Newt to find out his staff has left him. "Calista, do you think I should call the office?" "C'mon, Newtie, it's your hard-earned vacation. I'm sure they can handle anything that comes up."

    And he's still more disciplined than Palin, with twice the work ethic.

  4. Newt's pulling the political version of Minne Minoso's 1976 and 1980 pinch-hitting appearances.

    What's the record for how many different decades can you run, or threaten to run, for President in?

  5. I hope VP for Gingrich to bring "gravitas" to a ticket with Pawlenty.

  6. "the only people he's harming at this stage of his career are the ones who take him seriously, and as I've said before they pretty much deserve it."

    In this respect Woody and Soon-Yi don't represent the Democratic Party's values (as Newt famously claimed) so much as they do that of Newt and his followers. He may taken advantage of his followers before they knew better, but at this point it really is up to them.

  7. Current "The Hill" subhed on this:

    'Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's campaign faces a shakeup after senior aides quit over differing "visions for victory."'

    Not into the serial-adultery, say-any-crazy-shit-that-pops-into-my-head, elitist-Greek-cruise vision for victory? Hell, these non-believers would have been fired, anyway. Why does the MSM keep reporting non-stories?

  8. So, how should someone who had the bad judgment to work on the Gingrich campaign update his resume in this case? Does he actually admit that, yes he did work on the Gingrich campaign for three months? Or does he make something up, like: "May-June 2011 - fry cook at Opie's Burger Barn?"


  9. The Newt as brilliant issue reminds me of the same issue with Dick Cheney. He was always supposed to be the brains of the Bush administration, when in reality he never made a decision that was logical or had positive outcomes.


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