Friday, June 24, 2011

Read Stuff, You Should

I'll start with a request. I'm writing up a post (I guess it'll be for Monday) about the various rules and controversies about recess appointments. If you're an academic or practicing expert and think I should include what you know about it, please get in touch. Especially if you know things that aren't in the CRS reports.

And now for the good stuff:

1. Josh Barro is a budget realist (all budget idealists should click on that one); David Frum on the inflation generational cohort effect; and Matt Yglesias on a USA built on bailout.

2. National Journal has demographics on top Hill staffers; Shani O. Hilton follows up.
Conor Friedersdorf explains politics to the neocons.

3. Alex Klein explains the (severe) limits of InTrade's early presidential nomination pool.

4. Brendan Nyhan on gridlock and scandal.

5. Odds are you've already seen this one, but Nate Birkhead on gender and Members of Congress.

6. Daniel Larison on ideology and missile defense.

7. Yglesias used the Anthony Weiner mess to think about evaluating politicians. Ezra Klein used it to think about Congressional history and ideology. Both are must reads, although I'm obviously a sucker for anyone talking about Nelson Polsby and air conditioning.

8. Jared Bernstein on immigration.

9. Andrew Sullivan on conservativism. And an appreciation of Sullivan (who, in my view, is oddly enough underappreciated) from Hendrick Hertzberg.

10. And it's the weekend, so how about some fun. Dr. Frank remembers college radio; Steven Rubio thinks about blogging; and Tom Nawrocki has a wonderful essay on Silly Love Songs.

And some housekeeping: A wonderful post on the Ministry of Magic by Alyssa Rosenberg reminds me that I'm painfully aware that I've fallen behind in composing Monday Movie Posts. It's because, well, I haven't been watching anything new to write about. Two culprits: the baseball season started, and I've finally started belatedly watching The Wire. I'm early in Seasons 3, so no post on that for a while, most likely. If you're interested...with one or both of our kids, we're finishing up DS9 (five episodes to go; I love the Kai Winn and Dumar plots); well into Buffy Season 4; just finished Firefly and Serenity; just started BSG; about halfway through Python and Star Trek; and just got started on Ellery Queen (we're also on haitus from SNL Season 2, Star Wars: Clone Wars, and Cheers, second-to-last season). All of which is terrific fun, but none of which is likely to produce any good Monday Movie prospects. I have a few things ready to watch, but I just haven't had any success at getting to them. So if there are any MMP fans out there, my apologies, and perhaps I'll get back to it soon.


  1. Sigh. There isn't really anything to Sullivan. People want to believe it -- much like Hitchens -- but beyond some big beautiful words it is sound and fury.

    The backstory is great, but that's more about modern miscegenation fads than anything else.

    And like all immigrants,the dream of America will be bigger than the place.

  2. Thanks for the link! And if you go over to the blog now, you'll get to see Bing Crosby singing "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da."

  3. I'd be all for a Monday Whedon or The Wire post. Since you like Whedon's shows I'd recommend Angel if you haven't seen it.

  4. A word of warning about The Wire: the show totally goes off the rails in season five. I will totally avoid spoilers in my rant.

    I guess you have to grind through the season to get to the final episode and a half which are worth watching. Also there is the problem that nothing anyone could say would convince you not to watch part of the show. Just be prepared for characters to go insane and act in ways that don't seem consistent with who they have been before. Also be prepared for the new setting (like the docks in season two) to just be a waste of space and nonsensical ax grinding. It makes me mad just thinking about how bad season five was.

    Who knows, maybe my poor mouthing it will make you enjoy it more as you say "Oh, it's not that bad."

    Say hi to Omar for me.


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