Friday, May 11, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Bobby Witt, 48. Closest I've ever come to seeing a live no hitter; also, my oldest daughter's very first baseball game. I almost always keep score when I'm a game, but I couldn't that time, since holding the baby was a bit more important, which brings me to...I've never looked the game up before, and I'm started to learn that while for all these years I've been saying and thinking that it was Brian McRae who dragged a bunt between first and second and beat it out for the only hit, it turns out that it was, in fact, Greg Gagne. I can tell her she did see two HOFers (Ricky Henderson, and Mark McGwire, who pinch-hit...yeah, I know, but he really is a HOFer anyway). Plus David Cone. Oh, and Vince Coleman led off for the Royals, so that's a lot of career SBs right there.

Now on to the good stuff:

1. Erica Chenoweth and Jason Lyall talk about the many ways that NSF-funded political science has helped national security. If you agree, you might consider asking your Senator to reject the Flake amendment.

2. ProPublica has a useful timeline about Bush and Obama era torture/detention/civil liberties issues.

3. KSM's beard. Adam Serwer tries to explain.

4. And it's nice to have a real, authentic American Hero in the House of Representatives, isn't it? Here, John Lewis goes at it with Republican Member of the House Paul Broun.


  1. Closest I've come to a live no-hitter was a Zambrano-started, 2 hour and 8 minute combined 1-hitter at Wrigley in 2005:

    Many political scientists might have been there, it was the Saturday afternoon of Midwest.

    Absolutely the shortest MLB game I've ever been to --- just weird seeing a game fly by like that, almost felt ripped-off.


    1. Failed to mention that the odd thing about it was that the hit came in the 2nd inning, so we never were even pondering the no-hitter.


  2. I enjoyed this article by Sean Trende on the meaning and limitations of DW-Nominate scores (ignore the article's misleading headline):

  3. We could certainly use more like John Lewis in the House of Representatives. He was my Congressman for twenty years before I moved out of the country.


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