Monday, May 21, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Senator Al Franken, 61.

Straight to the good stuff:

1. Great New Yorker interview with Ali Soufan from last week: highly recommended. From Amy Davidson.

2. Nice Catherine Rampell column yesterday about the American Community Survey. Everyone is talking about the (Member of Congress) Daniel Webster quote about how it's not scientific because it's a random survey -- and sure, that's a doozy -- but I rather liked "'What really promotes business in this country is liberty,' he said, 'not demand for information'" for it's pure ideological inanity.

3. And a takedown of Amity Shlaes, from Henry Farrell.


  1. Thanks for the Ali Soufan link -- he is so superior to his adversaries.

    1. Of course, it helps that his adversaries are so lame -- they seem to regularly rely on, for example, flipping timelines around by claiming that things on the public record happened on completely different dates.

      But yes -- a true hero of the republic.


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