Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Jonathan Richman, 61.

How about some good stuff:

1. Brendan Nyhan on why NSF funding for political science is worthwhile.

2. A good Nate Silver overview of the presidential race as of now.

3. A description by Keith Poole, Howard Rosenthal, and Chris Hare of the methods that they've used to produce the finding that Republicans in Congress have moved much farther to the right than Democrats have to the left.

4. The gap on defense spending between what Mitt Romney wants and what voters want, by Suzy Khimm. Good post, and I think the general point is correct, but warning: I started looking into the survey that she cites and was thinking of doing a post on it (but ran out of time or interest or something)...anyway, no time to look at it now, but I had some real questions about it. Again, however, the overall point is a fair one; military spending right now is almost certainly less popular than most domestic spending.

5. And Seth Masket gets interviewed about pols and vamps.


  1. If anyone cares, I have a birthday tribute to Jonathan Richman on my site:

  2. Number 3 is a good link. It gives me hope. If the Republicans can attain majority status in Congress while becoming more conservative even as the Dems don't raise their Commie-quotient then maybe we can start moving toward more local government as found in Northern Europe.


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