Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Michael Brantley, 25. I was also a fan of his father, Mickey Brantley, who had a pretty nice rookie half-season at age 26, a mediocre full season at age 27, and was done in the majors after an awful 100 PAs at age 28.

The good stuff:

1. John Sides goes in depth on the problems and possibilities of a new CBS/NYT poll. A lot of good stuff here for those interested in polling.

2. Seth Masket continues his campaign for campaign finance reporting to keep context in mind.

3. My general position on the question of guests on the Sunday shows is, as always: who cares? But Greg Sargent also makes the good point that Howard Kurtz or other media watchdogs should be talking about the new Mann and Ornstein book, and at any rate I'm happy to have the excuse to mention it again anyway.

4. Speaking of which: Andrew Sprung is collecting a growing Something Is Wrong With the GOP club.

5. And Ezra Klein interviews Elizabeth Warren.


  1. Kurtz is probably the worst offender in the realm of false equivalence, so of course, he would be terrified of Mann and Ornstein on the topic. If he ever mentions the book, he will probably qualify it by saying something like, "but of course Mann and Ornstein would say that the problem is on the Republican side-- they're both liberals."

  2. I don't know where else to put this, but have you seen the legal challenge to the filibuster? There's a good legal discussion of it here (basically, no chance) but I was wondering what you made of it from a political science perspective.

  3. Sprung paraphrased:

    Let's go back to the permanent Republican minority so that Congress can compromise on how much more invasive the federal government becomes every year.


    Better idea: Republicans should not take advice from their enemies. More Tea Party every year.

  4. Warren at Klein: She wants legislators to regularly adapt to new, complex banking instruments while not producing complicated bills. How!? And these rules may be written, in part, by Maxine Waters... who knows less about banks than Andre Carson does about the Tea Party. Even Klein seemed nonplussed by Warren's idiocy.


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