Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Elsewhere: Biden, Other Stuff

I've fallen behind on doing these, so I never got around to mentioning here that I had a fun Salon column over the weekend in which I argued that he's the Practically Perfect Vice President. At least, that's what I had; they added quotes around it. Oh well. The best part of that one was this response.

Anyway, today at PP I said that the broadcast networks should broadcast the conventions. And I did a fiscal cliff post at Greg's place. As regular readers know, I'm not really one to be upset by a little hypocrisy, but I do think it's worth noting that the austerity-minded Republicans are blaming Obama for, well, the CBO-predicted consequences of sudden austerity.

Might as well give you one more: back on Friday, I had one at PP saying that Romney does, in fact, have an easy way to knock down the criticism of his tax plan; he's just not going to take it.


  1. Wow. That response is just...awesome. He cannot comprehend what you wrote.

    1. Nonsense. He can understand it --- but he's paid to not understand it.

  2. What's interesting to me about the response article (besides that Biden photo op, which is amusing) is that the writer conflates "suitability as president" with lots of people wanting you to be president.

    Joe Biden is obviously *capable* of being president, in terms of experience and such; if there's not an especially large constituency that wants to give him that job, that's a problem for him, but not for America.

    Sarah Palin or Ross Perot, OTOH, had many people who wanted them to be president. Whether they would actually have been capable of doing the job well is a different question.

    It seems to me from the articles that JB gets that distinction and the responding writer does not.


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