Monday, August 6, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Romola Garai, 30. Excellent in The Hour, which is well worth your time, but you probably knew that. You'll also want to watch her in Branagh's woefully underseen As You Like It.

The good stuff:

1. Some real pessimism from Brad DeLong.

2. Matthew Dickinson reminds everyone that talk of electoral college near-locks, or even an electoral college advantage, is premature at best. I'm sticking with what I said: ignore state polling until after the conventions.

3. A nice Jason McDonald post explaining "limitation rides." Quick "how Congress works" point: Schoolhouse Rock gets you about 80% of the way to the standard textbook version -- not bad for a 30 year old cartoon! -- but the standard textbook version is only the beginning of how Congress really works.

4. And presidents selling taxes. Carah Ong on the highlights of a Miller Center exhibition.

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  1. Re the Dickinson reminder: may I repeat my dumb question from last week? - "is there a case to be made for not focusing exclusively on the swing states, reaching out to more people in the country at large (e.g., rally in TX or CA), and hoping that shoring up national poll numbers bolsters showing in swing states, rather than vice versa?


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