Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 30, 1973

Gordon Liddy and James McCord are convicted on all counts. The first Watergate trial is over, with the other five all having plead guilty. Everyone has stuck to the cover story: they acted alone, with Hunt and Liddy having no authorization from anyone else.

The Senate investigation is looming...but the court isn't done with them yet. 

McCord has been busy during the trial, with Jack Caulfield arranging a series of meetings with McCord in which Caulfield assured him that McCord would receive clemency after a year in jail and would otherwise be taken care of. As we have seen, however, McCord found this entirely unacceptable. 

McCord has now been convicted, and he's very much still "off the reservation," as the president's men said. It's not too late, still, but it's getting later. And now, there are no more meetings with Caulfield. McCord is out there on his own. He and Liddy and the rest have now been convicted. The next step will be Judge Sirica's decision about sentencing.

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