Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Jenny Lewis, 37.

Some sad news, and the good stuff:

1. Richard Ben Cramer, RIP. If you haven't read What It Takes...it's just wonderful, and marvelous accomplishment. Here's a C-SPAN spot; here's a Ben Smith profile from two years ago.

2. John Sides knocks down 2012 presidential campaign effects.

3. Nice one from Timothy Noah about influential Veeps.

4. A useful overview of health care the the federal budget, from Amy Fried.

5. And from Seth Masket, who just possibly might have too much time on his hands: Jews for Cheeses.


  1. No love for David Bowie's Birthday?

    1. As always, picking one person never implies a slight towards anyone else. But I will say: Elvis's Birthday sure has a lot to choose from.

  2. I wrote this last night on the baseball post but personally I think "What It Takes" is one of my favorite books overall in addition to being one of the best things about American politics out there. Personally I think we should declare today international Rilo Kiley Day.

  3. That Tim Noah piece is kind of lame. After discussing that both Biden and Cheney were considered unusually powerful vice-presidents, he writes: "Conventional wisdom has seen fit to decree every vice president going back to Walter Mondale the most powerful in history, save for George H.W. Bush and Dan Quayle."

    That might sound like a big deal, until you realize all it means is that you should add Al Gore to the list.


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