Thursday, January 31, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Lots of good choices today, but I'll go with a Happy Birthday to Connie Booth, 69.

And a bit of good stuff:

1. We have a new Senator. Okay, not for long, but still: Sean Sullivan answers "Who is Mo Cowan?"

2. TNC on Mamet. Also: they're reading Hobbes over there, apparently. Sounds like fun...I really don't think I can justify taking on one more thing (I'm a little scared by how the collapse of the cover-up is going to play out for me over the next few months), but, well, it's a little tempting.

3. And grading Professor Hagel: Dan Drezner is up to the job.


  1. If a grad student at Georgetown doesn't know what they're in for when they sign up for a class with "Professor Hagel," they shouldn't have gotten into Georgetown in the first place.

  2. "... (he once helped Mitt Romney identify lawyers of color who would make good judges), according to the Globe."

    So Gowan is another EEOC promotable? Michigan found out the hard way, thanks to the democratic party nominating process, that selecting judicial candidates based on race or sex rather than actual qualifications is politically expedient but doesn't serve the citizens of the state. See Diane Hathaway, MI Supreme Court Justice, who just plead guilty to bank fraud.


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