Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Who would you like to see as Speaker of the House in the 114th Congress, beginning in 2015?


  1. The reincarnation of Paul revere's horse

  2. John Boehner. He's a fine Speaker, better than available alternatives. From a conservative perspective, the fiscal cliff agreement was imperfect but hardly terrible. In particular, the exemption of estates below $5 million from taxes is a huge win for the American upper middle and upper classes. As recently as 1997 the exemption was only $600,000, and in 2001 it was only $1 million. Making that $5 million exemption permanent was a major victory for the Republican Party and for the conservative movement, and the Republican Congressional leadership should receive more credit for that than they are getting from the media.

  3. Paul Broun. He's the only one who will consistently stick up for real conservative values.

  4. It's always amusing to hear people talk of making tax rates permanent when, in fact, they can be changed tomorrow if Congress so desires.

    As Speaker of the House, well, does it really matter now that the GOP has settled into a kakistocracy? Might as well make it Paul Ryan and get the little fraud to commit himself on some policy positions at least.


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