Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Penny Marshall, 70.

Good stuff:

1. John Hudak and Tom Mann want more responsible politicians. Well, yeah.

2. Nice one from Sarah Binder on the debt limit and, more generally, Congressional rules.

3. I totally missed Ray LaRaja on the McCutcheon campaign finance case last week. I generally tend to agree with Ray on all these things, although I'm not as concerned as he is that money flow to formal party organizations as opposed to outside groups -- however, I agree that formal party organizations should at least be on equal footing.

4. Ezra Klein on the ACA rollout.

5. And Mike Konczal on the Tea Party and Wall Street.


  1. The Hudak/Mann link went to: Is The Realignment Nigh?
    Posted by Seth Masket.

  2. Republicans are doing a bang-up job weakening the economy psychologically:

    Boehner can avert the debt ceiling on Thursday, then they can keep the US public worried through at least January-February 2014. At that point, does the economy, along with Democratic and presidential approval ratings, have time to recover noticeably by November 2014?


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