Monday, October 7, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to David S. Bernstein. Younger than me.

Plenty of good stuff to begin Shutdown Week 2:

1. I haven't been linking to the Monkey Cage symposium on gender in political science; in fact, I'm pretty far behind in reading the items. I will get to it -- and I strongly recommend it, certainly to political scientists, but also for, well, everyone. Certainly all academics, but (and again, I've only just started reading) I think there's plenty here that applies more broadly. Kudos to the gang over there for running this, and to both them and the Post for keeping the Monkey Cage as great as ever for the discipline.

2. Excellent points about government shutdowns from Gary Cox.

3. More discharge details from Sarah Binder.

4. Pema Levy profiles Marcy Wheeler.
5. National Journal is profiling Oakland -- a thoroughly underrated city. Here's Sophie Quinton interviewing Mayor Jean Quan.

6. Matthew Green on five flavors of House Republicans.

7. And Robert Costa on five myths about House Republicans.


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  2. House Dems are offering clean CRs as Motions-to-Recommit on the Republican piecemeal appropriations bills, right? Republican defections on an MTR would end this much faster than a discharge petition, right?


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