Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Are you hoping that gets fixed quickly and starts functioning properly? Or are you hoping it doesn't?


  1. Not to be too snark, I love the question, but I think the silence is particularly telling.

  2. Gets fixed quickly, because of the upshot of Adrianna McIntyre's piece linked in your PP column yesterday. McIntyre rebutted the idea that the ACA will experience a "death spiral" based on the fail-safe of risk corridors, in which insurers only eat about 20% of the incremental cost beyond the assumptions baked into the legislation. The rest is on us. McIntyre didn't dimensionalize the risk to the US taxpayer (even if Obamacare will be, er, "fine"), I guess I could have looked it up, but then she further pointed out that the CBO didn't score violations of the risk corridors, and I didn't want to think about it anymore, so I scuttled over to

    Some time later I was trying to imagine the implication of a multi-hundred billion dollar budget hit from a blowout of the risk corridor, not - as McIntyre clarified - an Obamacare death spiral, but might it do in something else? As I was so pondering, I felt my head was about to asplode, so, again,

    Longwinded: gets fixed quickly. And go Sox.

  3. Fixed quickly. It isn't fun to win points because of unforced errors (and it isn't fun to concede them either, e.g., shutdown/debt ceiling debacle).

  4. This is a great but puzzling question. We saw the government shut down because Obama wouldn't kill the ACA, and now we're screaming bloody murder because the ACA website isn't running smoothly. We protested the shutdown at the WW II Veterans Memorial that we shut down. I think we've lost our collective minds!


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