Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

OK, here goes; I'm going to try this daily, for a while at least.

And I'm not sure if this will be fun or dopey, but I'm going to try out a new feature as part of it -- birthday greetings. The idea is that it'll always be someone I like in some way, sometimes from politics, usually not. I have no idea whether I'll wind up keeping it; most likely, if you all seem to like it, I'll keep going. If not, it'll probably drop out. So:

Happy Birthday to the great Terry Jones, who is 70 today. No, not the crazy guy from Florida. I've been meaning to see his "Wind in the Willows," but haven't got around to it yet -- and I did not realize, until just now, that he was credited with the screenplay for Labyrinth, but wikipedia says (for whatever that's worth) that he didn't have much to do with the final movie. Well, there's their mistake, right there.

Ready for the good stuff?

1. Celebrity endorsements! I'm a big fan of following these. KRS-One for Ron Paul? Yikes!

2. Good nomination postmorten of Mitt Romney from Jonathan Chait.

3. Seth Masket looks at the Florida exit polls, with chart.

4. Lots of data about ads in Florida from Erika Fowler and the Wesleyan Media Project.

5. Away from the campaign, you'll want to see the evidence that ACA is actually working well so far, from Harold Pollack and Greg Anrig.

6. And I thoroughly agree with Stan Collender: you don't balance the budget by changing the budget process.

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