Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Question for Conservatives

What, if anything, are you hoping for out of Mitt Romney's overseas trip?


  1. Montezuma's revenge?

  2. A 1 or 2% upward bump for Romney in the polls, either in the horse race polls against Obama or in his favorability rating. Foreign policy is a third tier issue this year (economic issues are tier 1, social issues are tier 2), so a larger bump than that cannot realistically be hoped for.

  3. That he couldn't make the plane home? That he would emigrate to one of those socialist hell-holes he maligns at every opportunity.

  4. That he would show you knuckleheads what real leadership looks like.

  5. This could be a question for Liberals.

    I'm hoping he keeps dissing American when talking to people like the dude from Australia who he met even before leaving so we can see that it's not Obama but Romney who apologizes for America.


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