Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Voting

I almost forgot to mention: it was Election Day in Texas today.  Again!  This was the primary run-off.  Only two items on my ballot.  One was a local office, county I think, and I knew a fair amount about that one thanks to actual coverage in the local paper (there was a scandal peripherally involving one of the candidates), and the other was judicial, and I had absolutely no idea who I was supposed to support for that one.  Indeed, I didn't know (or at least didn't remember) that it was going to be on the ballot.  I had obviously voted in the initial primary, but hell if I can remember what I did then, and whether it was one of the offices that I knew what I was doing six weeks ago, so I had to guess on that one (I have a secret formula.  I'm not going to tell).

At any rate, I cast votes #53 and #54 for the year today.

BTW, my rant about voting on the regular primary day started a nice conversation in the blogs (and once again, thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the guest gig last month!), but no one commented on the awesome reference I used for the title, so I was a little disappointed about that, and in my sulk I'm putting a really dull title on this one.  So there.

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