Thursday, April 29, 2010

Read Stuff, You Should

Since you really don't need me to tell you that you should pass on George Will's observations on the social habits and career paths of Latino Americans, I'll go straight to what's good:

1.  Everyone's favorite topic, the conservative closed information loop: Daniel Larison on 2006 and other issues; Ross Douthat defends non-looped conservatives;  Bruce Bartlett remembers some of the history; and Conor Friedersdorf takes on and messes with Mark Levin.

2.  But Jamelle Bouie schools Bruce Bartlett.  Meanwhile, Brendan Nyhan goes after a hack columnist, and Brad DeLong takes apart Henry Louis Gates.

3.  Keith Hennessey is honest on taxes.

4.  Dahlia Lithwick, natch, on judicial philosophy -- although I think liberals don't appreciate Breyer enough.

5.  Ezra Klein is real smart on what's happened and why to Bob Bennett. Did you know he had a peripheral role in Watergate?  Bennett, not Ezra.  Obviously.

6.  Now, I told you this already, but you had better be reading every TNC post with a "CHM" title.  I mean, outside of that you should be reading his blog regularly anyway.  You say you're interested in the United States of America?  Then you're reading TNC.  Here's one taste.

7.  Kevin Drum knows chutzpah when he sees it, but Mark Kleiman tells Jew jokes


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