Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The RNC in Disarray

Lots of fuss about the RNC scandal, obviously because it allows people to write semi-naughty words such as "bondage" and that's always fun, but the reality is that the national formal party organizations don't really matter very much.  I'm going to find it very, very difficult to believe that a single Republican candidate loses a single dollar of campaign money because of this.  Which is why they could put Michael Steele in as chair in the first place -- the formal party organizations just aren't very important, so the person who runs things (or the figurehead at the top, when that's what it is) isn't very important, either. 

Granted, the six formal party organizations -- the two national committees, and the House and Senate campaign committees -- can be useful to the party, and it's probably at least mildly inconvenient for the Republicans to have one of theirs totally disfunctional, if that's what's going to be the case for a while.  But that's about it.  Unless, of course, you actually work at the RNC or have to deal with it, in which case I suppose that you probably care a lot about it not being a joke, but the same is true of many offices around the nation that don't get this kind of attention. 

I'd say something more about Steele in particular, but I really have nothing to add to Adam Serwer's fine post on the subject.

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